Horse of the Year Show

Horse of the Year Show Champions

Waxwing Paintbox

Mini M&M Champion

Paintbox1 001

Thumbs Up HOYS 1 red


Waxwing Thumbs Up

Supreme Pony Champion


Horse of the Year Show Winners

Welsh Section B Ridden

Waxwing Prince Hal

Waxwing Prince Hal. Winner Welsh Section B event photo


Waxwing Rheel. Winner Welsh Section C event photo

Welsh Section C Ridden

Waxwing Rheel

Show Hunter Pony Lead Rein of the Year (HOYS)

Waxwing Pringle


Pringle HOYS 4Red

2nd M&M Junior Ridden HOYS 2017

Waxwing Penny Farthing



Past Horse of the Year Show Qualifiers


xcel highland0001

Waxwing Xcel

Typhoon 2015 Savannah Spillman Penn

Waxwing Typhoon


Waxwing Poppycorn


Waxwing Equery

Milk Tray may 2010

Waxwing Milk Tray

Paintbrush 3

Waxwing Paintbrush

waxwing prattle

Waxwing Prattle

primsie puk red

Waxwing Primsie

Painter Heritage Champs 002 red

Waxwing Painter

Tiffany 2007 BSPS

Waxwing Tiffany

Pop Along

Waxwing Popalong

Pastile PUK 2010 red

Waxwing Pastille

Freddie HOYS2013 1red

Mynach Orsino


Mynach Buccaneer

Prince Hal HOYS

Waxwing Prince Hal

Rosehip 8a

Waxwing Rosehip

HOYS 2012 Rheel 1red

Waxwing Rheel





Waxwing Keavil




Keepsake HOYS 2008 3

Waxwing Keepsake

Ragamuffin 1

Waxwing Ragamuffin

rhys hoys R

Waxwing Rhys

herrod royal0001

Waxwing Herrod




Waxwing Herrod is the youngest native pony ever to have qualified for the In Hand Finals at HOYS. He won through at the biggest qualifier of the season – The Royal Show of England in 1983 before being exported to Australia where he became the leading sire of Welsh Mountain ponies at the Imperial Stud.

reward. R

Waxwing Reward