Waxwing Ponies

News 2017

Kindly loaned by Carolyn Cox

to Waxwing for 2017 covering season

Copella Lanark

Eyarth Brave Heart x Llangeitho Prima Donna

WPCS Medal winner 2016 & 1st Royal Welsh

Owner Caroline Cox


Waxwing Sailaway

Waxwing Victory x Waxwing Milky Way

Reserve Mini Champion Scottish NPS Finals

Blair Castle International Horse Trials

Rider Lucy Craighead
Owner Suzanne Craighead

Waxwing Penny Farthing

Eyarth Beau Geste x Millcroft Pleasure


JUNIOR RIDER Mountain & Moorland

Rider Gabriella Kozersky

Owner Katrina Kozersky


Waxwing Painter

Waxwing Hurricane x Synod Poplin


Open Ridden Welsh Sec A

Rider Jed Williams

Owner Stephanie Jones

Waxwing Pringle

Moelview Mohawk x Cevara Praline


122cms Show Hunter Pony

Rider Lily Brennen

Owner Lucy Brennan

Waxwing Rosehip

Eyarth Beau Geste x Mynach Mary Rose

QUALIFIED PetPlan Regional Dressage Finals

(former 3rd HOYS Ridden Sec B )

Rider Charlene Taylor

Owner Doreen Caldwell

Waxwing Archimedes

Moelview Mohawk x Mynach Arcadia

3rd PetPlan Winter Dressage Finals

Qualified Elementary Regionals at first attempt

Rider Emilia Nelson

Owner Nicole Nelson


Waxwing Arcadian

Moelview Masquerade x Mynach Arcadia

Qualified NPS Picton Novice Finals

Rider Ailsa Vives

Owner Kath Vines

Waxwing Prince Hal

Eyarth Beau Geste x Llangeitho Princess Royal

Novice M&M WHP Champion

(former HOYS Ridden Sec B winner)

Owner Rachael Fleming

Rider Maia Fleming

Waxwing Ragamuffin

Neuadd Parc Sebastian x Waxwing Raffia

Section C gelding

Open M&M WHP Champion

(former qualified HOYS Section C Ridden)

Owner Donna McElhinney

Rider Maria McElhinney

Waxwing Penny Farthing

Eyarth Beau Geste x Millcroft Pleasure

1st Royal Windsor Horse Show

Rider Charlotte Thompson

Owner Katrina Kozersky

Waxwing Penny Gold

Eyarth Beau Geste x Millcroft Pleasure

Overall Champion Section B

Royal Welsh Show


Waxwing Glamour

Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Glain

Yearling Sec B Filly

Reserve Youngstock Champion Section B

Royal Welsh Show

Champion Royal Highland

Waxwing Aristocrat

Moelview Masquerade x Mynach Arcadia

Yearling Sec B Colt

Champion M&M Doune & Dunblane

Champion M&M Dalkeith

Waxwing Archive

Moelview Masquerade x Mynach Arcadia

3 Year Old Sec B Colt

WPCS Medal winner first outing 2017

Owner Joy Wyman

Waxwing Arco

Moelview Masquerade x Mynach Arcadia

4 Year Old Sec B Stallion

Overall M&M Champion NPS Area 4 Spring Show

WPCS Bronze Medal winner Hambleton Show

Owner Hannah Atkinson

Waxwing Razzle Dazzle

Moelview Masquerade x Waxwing Glint

2 Year Old Sec B Filly

Best Filly & Reserve Youngstock Champion Lampeter

Owner Pat Burnie

Waxwing Sea Cadet

Moelview Masquerade x Mynach Oceana

Yearling Sec B Colt

2nd Lampeter & 3rd Glanusk

Owner Mandy Jones (Melau Stud)

Waxwing Glisten

Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Glain

2 Year Old Sec B Filly

Reserve Champion Great Yorkshire

Owner Jane Newton

Waxwing Penny Paradise

Eyarth Beau Geste x Millcroft Pleasure

3 Year Old Sec B Filly

1st Royal Lancs

Owner Wendy Clarke

Waxwing Raspberry Ripple

Thistledown Vierra x Waxwing Penny Dainty

Reserve Champion Royal Highland

Owner Kirsty Miller


Waxwing Peru

Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Perlen

3 Year Old Sec B Colt

Reserve Youngstock Champion Royal Welsh 2015

At his new home in Australia

Owner Chris & Janet Murphy (Keyi Stud)

Waxwing Original

Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Perlen

2 Year Old Sec B Colt

Overall Welsh Champion Canberra Royal

Owner Steve Paris & Gordon Ball (Stepdon Park)

Waxwing Raffia

Wyken Rob Roy x Waxwing Rhyme

21 Year Old Sec C Mare

Qualified Veteran Finals Olympia for 2nd Year

Owner Joyner Family

Waxwing Sea Farer

Cwrtycadno Cymro x Mynach Oceana

2 year old Sec B colt

Youngstock Champion SWPCA Spring Show

Owner Abbie Devenney


News 2016

Waxwing Rose Hip

(Eyarth Beau Geste x Mynach Mary Rose)

Winner Scottish Regional Finals

Morris Equestrian 26th February 2017

 Photo  Theo ten Brinke

Waxwing Persuasion

(Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Perlen)

1st & Reserve Champion Youngstock Royal Welsh 2016

Also winner 2015 & 2014

Painter NPS 2016

Photo  ES Photography

Waxwing Painter

(Waxwing Hurricane x Synod Poplin)

HOYS Qualified 2016

Ist M&M Junior Ridden    NPS Championships Show

Congratulations to his rider, Jed Williams

Mynach Master Chef

(f. 2011 Eyarth Beau Geste x Mynach Mimosa)

Royal International Horse Show 2016

3rd Pretty Polly First Ridden

Congratulations to his rider, Amy Tate

Mynach Master Chef 2016 RI

Mynach Mystical

(Eyarth Beau Geste x Mynach Mimosa)

As a foal he was Beau’s first Royal Welsh winner and recently Supreme Champion at Caledon Fair, Canada, for Diane Jackson

Twice Champion at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair as well as Champions of Champions .

Mystical 2016 sup champ           Mynach Mystical 2016

Money Matters 20 may 4R

Waxwing Money Matters

(f.2015 Cwrtycadno Cymro x Waxwing Penny Gold)

1st & Reserve Champion Youngstock NPS Scotland 2016

Waxwing Razzle Dazzle

(f.2015 Moelview Masquerade x Waxwing Glint)

1st, Champion and Bronze Medal winner St Clears Show

1st & Champion Bridgend, 1st & Reserve Champion Brecon

Congratulations to owners George & Pat Burnie as well as John and Ann James for producing her so well.

Photo Dr W DAvies MBE FRAgS

Razzle Dazzle Bridgend W Davies
Waxwing Glimmer 2

Waxwing Glimmer


(Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Glain)


Already a winner at shows in South Wales and siring lovely foals at the Fairywood Stud, Ammanford 

Waxwing Original

(Eyarth Beau Geste x Mynach Oriana)

Yearling colt set off today (3rd June) for his new home at the Stepdon Stud belonging to Steve Paris and Gordon Ball in New South Wales, Australia.

Original standing 6ROriginal leaving 1R

Archve Devon County 2016

Waxwing Archive

(Moelview Masquerade x Mynach Arcadia)

Winning Devon County having already this season taken a WPCS Bronze Medal at NPS Area 10 and Res Overall Youngstock at the South Western Welsh Association,Owners Joy & Gemma Wyman

Waxwing Past Time

Overall M&M Champions Three Shires Spring Show

Ridden by Millie Davies and produced by The Julie Templeton Show Team 

Waxwing Pastime Three Shires Show M&M Champ

Peny Farthing Windsor 1red

Waxwing Penny Farthing

(Eyarth Beau Geste x Millcroft Pleasure)


2nd Royal Windsor Horse Show 2016

Owned by Katrina Kozersky, produced by Gill Thompson and ridden by Charlotte Thompson


Waxwing Peru

(Eyarth Beau Geste x Cwrtycadno Perlen)

with Geert Verbaas at his Stoegjeshoeve Stud in Holland where he has already settled his first mares in foal. Soon to fly off to his new home in Australia with Chris & Janet Murphy 

Peru holland 2

Waxwing Glisten Lampeter 2016

Waxwing Glisten

Yearling filly 

1st & Reserve Champion Sec B, Supreme Yearling & Reserve Overall Youngstock  Champion Lampeter 2016   

1st Yearling fillies Notts County Show 2016                   

1st & Reserve Champion Section B Bath & West 2016 

1st & Reserve Champion Norse Association Show 2016

Waxwing Penny Farthing

1st & Reserve Champion April 2016 BSPS Area 5A

Qualified Royal International Horse Show on first attempt and only third appearance in the show ring.

Penny Farthing Res Champ april 2016 1 red

Past Time Feb Ch Nov 2 red

Waxwing Past Time

                         1st Lead rein & Novice Mini M&M Champion on his very first outing as a four-year-old.


Waxwing Farm made it to the front cover of the People’s Friend!

Waxwing People's Friend Nov 2015 red